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Do you have a business or a commercial establishment here in the state of Arizona and you’re looking to become CMMI certified in the fastest and the most affordable ways possible? Work with us here at IQC the ISO Pros of Arizona and be amazed at how skilled and how experienced we are!


CMMI: What Is It?

Understanding the CMMI is as simple as understanding what a process is. For starters, the CMMI, short for the Capability Maturity Model Integration is known to be a program of appraisal and training for improving businesses and organizations.

In a general sense, the CMMI discusses and talks about three (3) particular topics or areas, which include:

  1. Service and Product Acquisition
  2. Product and Service Development
  3. Service Establishment & Management

You can treat and consider it as a program or a guideline that is specific about the improvement of behavior and processes, meeting organizational or business goals.

In addition to that, it can also be a framework or a skeletal structure of raising the bar higher to help a business or an organization mature more.

Who Needs to Become CMMI Certified?

If you’re asking the question about which types of companies or businesses need to become CMMI certified, it’s needed by organizations that want and yearn to develop, enhance, and improve their overall capability to deliver services, products, and goods to their clients.

Moreover, you can also look at it as a program wherein its overall goal is to be consistent in meeting and in exceeding the wants and the needs of customers and clients!

While many businesses think that the CMMI, in particular, is only for a company or an organization involved in software, it’s not true! In fact, the CMMI has evolved and is currently evolving over the years. In the year 2002, it also included capability maturity model integration for Software Acquisition, from just CMM for Software Development.

CMMI Levels: Five (5) Different CMMI Levels

Akin to how the CMMC is placed and programmed, the CMMI is also divided and categorized into five (5) different levels, namely:

  • 1st Level – Initial Level
  • 2nd Level – Managed Level
  • 3rd Level – Defined Level
  • 4th Level – Quantitatively Managed Level
  • 5th Level – Optimizing or Improvement Level

All of these have specific masteries and focuses; each level determines a particular phase or stage of expertise, and to become an officially CMMI certified organization, you need to be on the optimizing or the 5th level.

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Where Should You Get CMMI Certification?

If you find it challenging to find and look for the organization you can trust in becoming CMMI certified here in Arizona, work with us here at IQC the ISO Pros of Arizona! You will never be disappointed in choosing and in working with us!

For years, our developmental services and procedures have been seen and looked at as the best and the most sought after, even by foreign companies as well as businesses and organizations abroad!

Talk to us and we’ll definitely assist you in the best ways we can!

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