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Nogales is a city in Arizona that funnels an estimated $30 billion worth of international trade into the United States per year.

ISO 9001 is the world’s most recognized QMS (Quality Management System) standard. Its aim is to assure the customers and stakeholders that their needs are met. This is achieved by building a system that consistently produces quality goods and services.

This standard is important because it ensures that no problem will arise in the long run, and the relationship between the customer and the supplier is maintained.

Nogales AZ

What Types of Standards Are We Offering?

We offer a lot of standards that are based on the ISO 9001 or the Quality Management System… Some of which include:  

Asset Management ISO 55001

ISO 550001 is a standard that deals with asset management systems. The main objective of this standard is to help manage the lifecycle of assets more effectively. This standard can be applied to different types of organizational structures of companies.

By implementing this type of standard, organizations will gain better control over activities, which then helps them achieve higher returns and reduce the total cost of risk. Concrete outcomes this standard includes is that organizations will also have a growth ineffectiveness and the unit costs will drop dramatically.

What Does it Mean to be ISO 55001 Certified?

Being ISO 55001 certified means your organization will be developing an active approach in its lifecycle asset management.

With this certification, you will be able to demonstrate your skills in supporting your organizational growth by managing assets effectively, mitigating and managing risk, and improving the financial performance of your organization.

A good corporate reputation and a smoother operation will be a few of the outcomes that can be expected when you are ISO 55001 certified.

Food Safety ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is an international standard that deals with food safety management systems. The main objective of this ISO is to ensure the food safety of all the organizations that are involved in the food chain.

This standard can be applied to any organization that involves itself with food production and food-related services. This standard aims to reduce food hazards gain more control over the risks involving food and prevent contamination.

What Does it Mean to be ISO 22000 Certified?

By being ISO 22000 certified, you will be able to prove your dedication to your customers and stakeholders your dedication to food safety.

This will assure that your organization will increase the profits you can accumulate, control and eliminate the risks regarding food safety, continually improve all the required processes in order to provide food, customers will have confidence in your organization, and you will be able to promote international trade.

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Counterfeits AS6081

The AS6081 standard is a standard that was created in order to have a response to the increasing volume of fraudulent or counterfeit electronic parts entering the aerospace supply chain, posing significant performance and safety risks.

This standard can be applied to organizations that deal with the aerospace supply chain.

What Does it Mean to be AS6081 Certified?

By being AS6081 certified, the consumers you will have will be assured that all the products and services your organization is providing are of great quality and are continually improving.

IQC The ISO Pros of Arizona can help you implement, train on, consult, and have your company and/or organization certified on the following ISO Certifications:

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