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The ISO 13485 is the standard that’s the most widely utilized in the medical devices industry. So, if your business is involved in any of these, getting an ISO 13485 certification should be your priority.

While there are a ton of ISO certification companies you can bank and count on here in Arizona, you’ll never be able to find a company as adept and as skilled as us here at IQC the ISO Pros of Arizona.


Under our employ are the most skilled, the most adept, and the most relied on medical professionals and experts in the field of the medical devices industry.

Working With Us In Getting ISO 13485 Certified

Should you choose us to be the company you’ll bank and count on in getting ISO 13485 certified, you will be able to get high and extreme quality training.

Our company has been the primary source of information by businesses and organizations in the medical devices industry. Whether their business is involved in the designing, the sourcing, the assembly, and the distribution of medical devices, they trust us!

Becoming ISO 13485 Certified

Many business and organization heads think that getting ISO 13485 certified is hard and difficult when in reality, it can easily be summed up in a few steps.

Learning the ISO

The first step that businesses and organizations need to do is to learn the ISO. There are tons of information and material you can learn online on how to do so –so you’ll never experience a shortage of information. Organizations and businesses must learn everything from the rules and regulations, the practices, down to the policies and the procedures that businesses need to have.

Implementing the ISO

After learning the standard, the next thing that businesses need to do is to implement the standard into their business processes and practices. Implementation can be as easy as observing what the recommended practices are; pursuing procedures and processes; and things of the like. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this point, but at least, it needs to be close to what the recommended is.

Documenting the ISO

Then, the next step that they need to take is to document the ISO. Documentation is a few steps away from certification; this will be the basis of the next step, which is the…


Finally, the time will come when certification or an auditing body will assess and evaluate your performance against the ISO 13485 standard. They’ll check everything from the recommended practices of how to handle medical devices and equipment – to the distribution and the safety measures attached to it.

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All of those might sound hieroglyphics to you but it’s something that we here at IQC the ISO Pros of Arizona can help you with!

Wherever you are in the state of Arizona, you can bank and count on us!

In case you’re worried about pricing – we’re just a call or an email away! We will even grant you a free estimate of the services you need! Dial us and talk to us today!

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